we need trees.

I thought to do to something a last time.But a different and difficult act .It was about environmental protection.Nowadays we have a lot of problems about environmental protection,and we have to be responsible about it.We could no forget that this world is safekeeping in our hands.
So I decided .It was 2014 March 14.I wore my pink clothes.I remember weather was so great, not cold, not warm.Some of my friend accompanied me,(Mahasti, Azad and yones).I had stress. A lady with a pink dress in a big town and the longest street in Tehran. She wanted to break a big taboo.At first,women can do every act out of home and they aren’t only for at home. The second she tried to say to people “be careful about nature” and “ we need trees”.
I know perhaps you say to yourself “ this is not taboo”. You right. So you have to know about some of rules in other countries. Might some of people have a lat of problems in their country and nobody does not about it. Any way………..
The end I started my act, and I ran 20 KM, from Tjrish Square to Rahahan Square,with my pink dress and a cover which was written “WE NEED TREES “.



Best regards

Shahrbanoo Ahmadi Mashak

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